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So I decided to do NaNoWriMo this year. I still have a lot more on paper, which is good, but I have 1,781 words typed up so far. All in all, I think it's a good start to the month. :D

Really, really bad.


That's the link to the article and photos of the mountain south of my town. I don't think the east end of the mountain has burned in my lifetime, and I'm 25. I know the west half of the mountain burned to nothing about six years ago, but not the east half. The fire started yesterday afternoon, and is still burning out of control. As far as I know, the fire has crested the mountain and is coming around down the north side toward the city kind of. I think it's still really far east of town, but it's bad.

Birthday pic for Lexxie

Once again, I fail at getting these done on time. Happy late birthday, lexxiescott


Happy Birthday

For miss Pinku, who is legal now!! Happy belated birthday~


Whee~ mail!

Got my postcard from petitefee24 today~

Crappy webcam qualityCollapse )
*glomps fee* I <3 you so much.


Yet another late birthday present.

*pokes head out of corner of fail* I finally got the drawing done for nemesisz birthday.

petitefee24, I'm soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo sorry this took me so long to get done for you!!! Happy super ultra belated birthday! *hides in corner of fail*


Does not compute

I have now had three members of my family wish me a happy birthday on fb. This is all well and good, and very kind of them, except for one slight flaw. My birthday is July 1st. It's June 24th. My birthday is exactly one week away. Just like it's been for the past 24-going on 25-years. I do not understand their logic on this. At least my one cousin (second one to do this) mentioned being ahead of the game on it. Congrats, but you're worrying me. *shakes head and walks away*