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August 7th, 2016

I survived Denver!

So, last month I started the process to try to become a teacher in Japan. And while I admit, it did take me a few weeks to get all the way through the application (sans cover letter) I did manage it. Then, on the 26th, I got a call to schedule a phone interview. I still had no cover letter. So I had to scramble to get that done so I could do my phone interview on the 1st. Long story short, I got invited to an information session/in person interview on the 6th. Yesterday. And I had to give a demo lesson as a part of it, too! So I scrambled on Thursday and got everything ready, and drove to Ft Collins to stay with my sister on Friday. Saturday morning I woke up hella early and was a good hour early for the info session thingy. Turned out good, since it meant I actually found parking in the hotel's parking lot, unlike some of the others there. I volunteered to go first when it was time to do the demo lessons. Which, by the way, were recorded on camera to be sent to the bigwigs in Japan. And even though I had so little prep, I rocked it. I knew I rocked it before my interviewer even told me I did. I also got the first interview slot in the afternoon, since I had the farthest to drive afterward. I rocked that, too. ^______________^ Drove back home from Ft Collins today, and thank goodness there were no highway patrol on the way home. Speed limit is 80 and I know at one point (at least) I was doing 110. >.>